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Waldorf Education Recipients


Giving to Waldorf Education Schools and Programs

Waldorf Education Grant Highlights

Pasadena Waldorf School

The Pasadena Waldorf School strives for students to experience a rich, broad-based, deep course of studies, imparting significance, relevance, and meaning regarding humankind, the earth. The Trust supports their curriculum development in a broad spectrum of history, literature, science, foreign language, arts, practical skills, and physical education.

1995-2001 & 2011-2012 | Pasadena, CA

Rudolf Steiner College

Founded on the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner, the Rudolf Steiner College’s major focus is the development of insights and skills that can lead to practical application in a variety of professions in the arts, sciences, and education. The Trust supports the  professional development of Waldorf teachers.

1995-2014 | Fair Oaks, California

Westside Waldorf School

The Trust funds Westside Waldorf School's approach to balance academic rigor with artistic and practical disciplines to cultivate self-confident, motivated, creative and independent thinkers. Waldorf's classical curriculum weaves art into every subject, using music, storytelling, drawing, and movement to bring academic subjects to life. Waldorf education nurtures a lifelong love of learning and encompasses an integral social dimension that instills a sense of moral purpose.

2007 | Santa Monica, California

Portland Village School

The Trust provided funds to the Portland Village School, a Portland public charter school for kindergarten through eighth grade. The Portland Village School adapts Waldorf educational methods to public education. The program is arts-integrated with core academic material enlivened by music, art, drama, second-language, life skills and handwork.

2012-2013Portland, Oregon

Supporting Waldorf Education

Trust Grants Awarded To These Organizations:
  • Pasadena Waldorf School
  • Rudolf Steiner College

  • Portland Village School
  • Westside Waldorf School